Passports and Forbidden Substances Protocol

Throughout the show random blood testing will be carried out. Both International and National Classes will be tested.


The following prizewinners from the national classes will be tested:


Winner of the Boomerang Championship,

Winner of the Millstreet Ruby 5 year old Championship,

Winner of the 4 Year old National Discovery,

Winner of the 3 year old Young Irelander.


Please note that random testing and examinations of horses in all classes will be undertaken throughout the week and also at the discretion of the Veterinary surgeon and the Organising Committee for detection of forbidden and prohibited substances as per FEI Rules. Passports will also be examined prior to entry to the show grounds and also on a random basis each day. Please have your passports ready to hand each day between 12 noon and 4pm.


If the initial test is positive then further costs of testing will be borne by the rider of the tested horse.

In the instance of refusal to test a horse by a rider then the prize money will be revoked.

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