National 4 & 5yo Eventing Discovery Supported by Horse Sport Ireland Breeding Grant

General Information & Conditions

Millstreet Intl Horse Trials 2023

Qualifier: Friday June 1st 13:00, Jumping Arena 2
Final (top 6 of each age group) Sunday June 4th 09:00. (Time and location subject to change)

Prize fund of €3000 per class – kindly supported by Horse Sport Ireland Breeding Grant

The Duggan Family have a long-standing commitment to the production of young horses – be they for show jumping or eventing. Initiatives such as the young Irelander and National Discovery classes have formed a core element of the schedule at the annual International Horse show for over thirty years!

This weekend we are proud to offer producers of younger horses the opportunity to showcase their four- and five-year-old horses in front of an International Audience. Open to four- and five-year-olds the aim of this class is to showcase the Irish Bred and produced horses that have the temperament and ability to become commercial three-day event horses.

The judges look for an athletic, loose moving horse with a promising jumping technique and attitude. With correct training and production, these horses should develop physically and mentally into a strong three-day eventer.

Format: Two judges will observe and mark horses in each arena. They will award marks for conformation, movement, canter & gallop, natural technique/temperament, scope/agility & 5* potential for a total of 100 marks.

Horses will enter the arena from the pocket and proceed to do a quick demonstration of trot and walk. The judges will sound a bell where the competitor will proceed to jump a course of 8-10 obstacles (mix of show jumps and cross country fences). Following the final obstacle, competitors are invited to gallop a lap of the arena to demonstrate this pace before exiting the arena again.

General info & rules include but are not limited to:

– Showjumping/hacking jacket, white/beige breeches, shirt/stock and full riding boots to be worn.

– Bib no’s are to be collected from the event office prior to the competition.

-Protective Headgear to be worn as per Eventing Ireland Rules which means it must be tagged before participating.

-Approved body protector are enocuraged to be worn for the jumping phase.

-Tack as per Eventing Ireland Rules

-Only snaffle bridles with permitted with approved bits are allowed

-Hind leg boots or bandages are not permitted, only overreach boots.

-Whips & Spurs are permitted as per eventing Ireland rules.

-The competition will run in drawn order. The start list will be available on Friday evening.



-Please have passports at hand at all times when on site. Passports must be available to all competition officials/veterinarians on request before during and after the competition.


Condition of entry

To be eligible to compete in either age group the following applies:

  • All horses must be registered in a DAFM Studbooks with the sire and dam named on their passport. Passports must be available to the Organising Committee at any stage of the competition or while on the grounds of Green Glens Arena.
  • 5 year old mares that have bred a registered foal are eligible to be adjudicated in the 4 year old category.  Photocopies for foal registration must be submitted at time of entry.
  •  6 year old mares that have bred a registered foal are eligible to be adjudicated in the 5 year old category.  Photocopies for foal registration must be submitted at time of entry.
  • An Embryo Transfer donor mare, that has not biologically bred and reared a foal, is not eligible for the derogation.
  • All horses must be entered via Eventing Ireland website before the close of entry. Late entries which are accepted will be subject to a €50 administration fee and are accepted at the discretion of the OC.
  • Breeding will be recorded on official event startlist. It is the responsibility of the horse owner/rider to ensure all appropriate information is accurately submitted at the time of entry, the OC will publish the information given at the time of entry.
  • This class is open to day members and horses competing on day tickets. Riders must make themselves and their horses web-only members in order to make an entry.
  • Each class will be limited to 30 competitors per class. If maximum entry is reached a waitlist will be opened and operated on a first come first served basis. Entries will close on May 26th unless maximum number is reached before that time.
  • Substitution of rider: Can be made up to 48 hours before the commencement of class.
  • Riders are confined to 3 entries across both age categories. Additional entries may be considered if it will not alter the efficiency of the class.
  • The height of a horse must be 15.0 hands (153 cm) or over.
  • Minimum age of riders – 16 years old on January 1st 2023.

Max Heights

  • 4 year old category: Max of 95cm
  • 5 year old category: Max of 105cm


-If stabling on site, please ensure to have your passport ready for inspection. Paddy Gately Stable Manager will show you to your stable once passport and health check is completed by the Veterinary Services Manager

-National Eventing Discovery Horses are not permitted to be stabled under the same roof as FEI Horses. This is in line with FEI Veterinary Regulations. Please do not be disappointed.

-Stabling fee €85 to be booked with entry online. Stables may not be available for booking on the day.

-Electric Hook-Up €100 for duration

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