National 4 & 5yo Eventing Discovery

Published 29/04/2022

General Information & Conditions

The Duggan Family have a long-standing commitment to the production of young horses – be they for show jumping or eventing. Initiatives such as the young Irelander and National Discovery classes have formed a core element of the schedule at the annual International Horse show for over thirty years!

This weekend we are proud to offer producers of younger horses the opportunity to showcase their four- and five-year-old horses in front of an International Audience. Open to four- and five-year-olds the aim of this class is to showcase the Irish Bred and produced horses that have the temperament and ability to become commercial three-day event horses.

The judges look for an athletic, loose moving horse with a promising jumping technique and attitude. With correct training and production, these horses should develop physically and mentally into a strong three-day eventer.

The judges will select the top 8 four-year-old and five-year-old horses to go forward to the National Eventing Discovery Final. The winner will be the highest overall marks from the three sections: Flatwork, Jumping & Confirmation.

Entries and stabling bookings for the National Discovery classes can be submitted via the Eventing Ireland website. Entry Fee: €85.


The competition format for 2022 will follow on to that of 2021. 4- and 5-year-old horses will be exhibited in the Main International Arena simultaneously. The aim of this format is to provide young potential event horses the opportunity to be showcased in an FEI standard competition arena. To be exposed to these features is an experience these horses would not gain elsewhere.

Warm up: 4- and 5-year-old horses will warm up in arenas designated to their age group. There will be a call up steward at the entrance to the warm up, please declare your entry with them upon arrival. Bib no.s must be worn in the warm up arena. Warm up for both flatwork and jumping will take place here.

Flatwork: will commence in the Dressage Arenas. There will be an arena for the 4-year-olds and an arena for the 5-year-olds. Each arena will contain a 20m x 60m Arena which competitors are given the choice to use to help showcase their horse’s level of training. Judges will be present in this area to award the flatwork portion of the overall marks. There will not be marked movements as in a dressage test but overall marks will be awarded for each of the paces and the overall way of going.

A bell will ring to indicate the conclusion of the flatwork phase. The competitor will exit the arena towards the Main Jumping arena at this stage.

 Jumping: Continuing straight into the Main Arena again, the arena sectioned for the 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds, combinations will jump a mix of natural obstacles combined with show jumps. The 4yo jumping height will be a max of 80cm and the 5yo jumping height will be a max of 90cm.

Gallop: Horse and rider combinations are invited to gallop one lap of the arena to demonstrate their horse’s ability to gallop as a concluding phase to their demonstration.


-The top 8 top marked horses from each age group will be invited back the following day for the National Eventing Discovery Final. This will again take place in the Main International Arena. Each horse will have the entire Main International arena to showcase their mount, being marked by a trio of adjudicators.

-Format: The format of the final involves a flatwork demonstration of each pace in and around the arena. No dressage arena will be involved in the final. After a short demonstration of the paces the jumping phase will begin, again made up of show jumps and natural obstacles. Finally, the riders are invited to gallop one lap of the arena to conclude their final showcase.



-Results will be conducted via live scoring. The top 6 horses are invited for a mounted prizegiving immediately after the final result. Owners and Breeders are invited to attend also if present.

-In the event of equal marks between two or more horses, the classification is decided by first, the horse with the highest jumping marks, secondly by the highest flatwork mark as awarded in the final phase of the competition.

-Any queries in relation to the competition must be made in line with Eventing Ireland Rules.

Prize money

-Prize money will be paid by electronic transfer. Bank details must be submitted within 30 days of the competition by the rider/owner/breeder. This is their responsibility.


Tack & Dress code Reminders

-Jumping Phase Attire to be worn for both phases of the competition.

-Protective Headgear to be worn as per Eventing Ireland Rules which means it must be tagged before participating.

-Approved body protector must be worn for the jumping phase.

-Tack as per Eventing Ireland Rules

-Only snaffle bridles with permitted with approved bits are allowed

-Hind leg boots or bandages are not permitted, only overreach boots.

-Front boots and a running martingale are optional for both phases.

-Whips are only permitted for the jumping phase, this may be handed to you before entering the jumping arena.

-Spurs are permitted as per eventing Ireland rules

On the day of Competition:

-We will assume all competitors are competing unless we are told otherwise, please withdraw with the office should the need arise.

-Bib numbers will be on the Eventing Ireland Website HERE; we encourage riders to print their own but we can print them in the office also if there is a need to.

-If you are stabling on site, please ensure to have your passport ready for inspection. Paddy Gately Stable Manager will show you to your stable once passport and health check is completed by the Veterinary Services Manager

-The competition will run in drawn order. The start list will be available on Friday evening.

Event Startlist

-In the best interest of showcasing your 4- and 5-year-old horses, we put together a Startlist containing breeding information and owner details etc. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure they have provided us with accurate details. The information we have is what was given at the time of entry with Eventing Ireland. We would also ask for Breeder details to be submitted.


-Please have passports at hand at all times when on site.

Condition of entry

To be eligible to compete in either age group the following applies:

  • All horses must be registered in a WBFSH Studbooks with the sire and dam named on their passport. Passports must be available to the Organising Committee at any stage of the competition or while on the grounds of Green Glens Arena.
  • All horses must be entered via Eventing Ireland website before the close of entry. Late entries which are accepted will be subject to a €50 administration fee and are accepted at the discretion of the OC.
  • Breeding will be recorded on official event startlist. It is the responsibility of the horse owner/rider to ensure all appropriate information is accurately submitted at the time of entry, the OC will publish the information given at the time of entry.
  • This class is open to day members and horses competing on day tickets. Riders must make themselves and their horses web-only members in order to make an entry.
  • Each class will be limited to 30 competitors per class. If maximum entry is reached a waitlist will be opened and operated on a first come first served basis. Entries will close on May 20th unless maximum number is reached before that time.
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